About Us

Redpoint Collective is a select group of individuals who love photography, travel and exploring the world with their cameras. 20131030__MG_1203

Founded by Shari Hartbauer and Brud Jones, Redpoint Collective members are invited to join when a space is available. There are many benefits of membership, including discounted pricing on photography trips, invitations for special exhibitions and events, and discounts on consulting services.

Members earn 48 hours of one-on-one consulting time. These hours are used for whatever aspect of digital photography or technology expertise you need. Members use the time for setting up new equipment from computers to iPads, for learning to use a new camera, for assistance on a photo shoot, or training on how to use software. Members also use consulting time to edit and prepare their photography for exhibitions, books, lectures and other printed works. Hours are used to build websites, create videos and digital books.

Whatever kind of photography you enjoy, Redpoint can help lead you down the path to better images.

To learn more about joining email Shari or call 816.686.8655.