Vignettes from the Journey

by shari on August 5, 2021

Check out the new tab we just added – Vignettes where members share stories of some of their best photos. 

Ugen Choling, Bhutan, 2007

When we met, this bespectacled man was chanting mantras on the porch of his tiny house, gnarly hands fingering his mala beads, counting each prayer. Enlightenment is assured if one reaches an impossibly high number of recitations. His beads are marked with charms so he can track how many he’s said. His wife sat next to him weaving on her lap loom and gossiping with a neighbor lady. With no interpreter or shared language, we communicated through gestures and smiles. They invited me to sit with them. I asked to take photos.
The best encounters happen between the events on the trip itinerary. – Shari Hartbauer
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