Useful shortcuts for cropping in Lightroom

by shari on July 9, 2018

Lightroom shortcuts are easy to remember for those tasks I do all the time. It is harder to remember these useful shortcuts that make crop tool so helpful – my favorite is cycling through the different grid overlays (Letter O). For my benefit and yours, here are the Crop Tool shortcuts, compiled from various online resources. Now we have a handy place to find them:

  • To open the Crop Tool in Lightroom hit the letter R.
  • Once open, use the letter X to switch between Landscape and Portrait ratios in your photo.
  • To open the Straighten Tool, hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) key.
  • To lock or unlock the aspect ratio hit the letter A.
  • To maintain the aspect ratio while adjusting your crop hold down Shift.
  • To change the overlay grid modes use the letter O and it will cycle through six different options (Grid, Thirds, Diagonal,  Triangle, Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral). Shift + O – Cycle Crop grid overlay orientation.
  • X toggles the orientation of the crop.
  • If you crop one image in the Develop module (lets say to a 4 x 5 aspect ratio) and then move to the next image (which has a different aspect ratio), tapping Shift + A applies the same (previously applied) aspect ratio
  • Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) will drag the crop from the center of the image.

My favorite LR tips usually come from The Lightroom Queen.

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